Kim Kardashian, who once claimed weight gain is God’s way of punishing her, is not happy that she’s packing on the pounds again. In a new post shared on her app, the mom-of-two laments about being a little heavier just a month after hitting her goal weight of 135 lbs.

“Loving that I’m going back doing hardcore Atkins,” she writes. “Hating gaining back a few pounds.”

Weeks ago, Kardashian revealed that she hopes to be back to her “2010 Kim” weight of 120 lbs. At the time, she was at 132 lbs.

Though Kardashian is keeping up with her diet and snacking on Atkins sweet treats like the brand’s Advantage Cookies and Cream bars, she does like to treat herself to a cheat day now and then too.

Recently, Kardashan shared a photo of her soul food dinner, comprising of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and a cornbread muffin, on her Snapchat. Cookbook author and BFF Chrissy Teigen even gave it her seal of approval.

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