Kristen Stewart said she wanted to shave her head and get (even more) tattoed two years ago but has now appeared on Jimmy Fallon to say she’s done just that. Well, the latter anyway.

Kristen Stewart explains the meaning behind her new tattoo

Fallon asked her about her blonde hair colour and she said, “For the first time ever, I changed my hair for not a role.”

She continued: “‘Cause I had a little bit of time off, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna scrape my knees and possibly get a bunch more tattoos and, like, shave my head,’ and I settled on lesser forms of all that.”

Kristen Stewart explains the meaning behind her new tattooSo, what is her new tattoo? It’s the famous phrase “one more time with feeling” and is inked along the inside of her forearm. She explained she chose this particular phrase because it’s what directors always say to actors but it’s a good metaphor for life. She says “I love that phrase because… you can always try again with everything you do.”

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Deep, but we like it.

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