Kylie said to the media that she did not go under the surgery

The 19-year-old reality star Kylie Jenner posted busty pictures on Instagram, flashing her Boobs in a see-through tight purple leopard top.

Kylie might be wearing an up-lift bra, or maybe she had push her shoulders back and her boobs got out – we don’t have a clue yet.

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In any case, her fans are persuaded that she had gone under the knife, and commented on her Instagram:

  • One just commented that: “Boobjob”
  • Another commented: “implants in the houseeeee”
  • “You tots got a boon job and don’t deny it. There is no way your books just magically got bigger over the course of 2 weeks” one fan said.

Photoshop or Implants? 

The 19 year old shared these Snapchat on Thursday keeping the camera fucsed on her chest area which was on full display, followers started to ask “if she had the boob job?” Kylie commented by saying ” her chest is 100% hers”


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People are curious either it’s photo-shopped or she had an implants, that thing doesn’t grow in 2 weeks. She commented “Everybody is harassing me on Instagram. Honestly speaking, as I’m getting older, I’ve achieved up-to 15 pounds already and my body has transformed; I’ve unquestionably rounded out.”

Kylie has additionally been blamed for going under the surgery for nose and chin . As such, Jenner has just admitted (broadly) to getting lip injection.

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