Lamar Odom headed back to his old stomping grounds yesterday (July 14, 2016) as he returned to Queens to spend time with friends and family during his trip to New York.
Odom was seen wearing the same orange dashiki he wore the previous night at the strip club, but he seemed in high spirits as he visited family members and even headed to the local basketball court.

While out in the park, Odom was seen walking with his arm around a mystery woman as they watched a pick up game on the court.

Odom seemed in good spirits following the airplane incident just a few days before in which he was removed from a Delta flight after being visibly intoxicated and throwing up twice.

Odom reportedly continued to drink after being removed from the flight, heading to a local strip club, but while in NYC Odom seems dedicated to remaining sober. During a night out with friends at a strip club, the club owner says Odom only drank water and cranberry juice.

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