There will be many unbelievers who think that astrology is pure invention, but so many coincidences can not be completely wrong. If you are one of those people who do not leave your house without reading your horoscope, if you are investigating about the stars and consult your future love with the tarot cards, you have certainly found the right note.

So pay attention, because we are going to reveal what the stars say about the personality of each sign in the bed, and you can identify if what you describe of your own sign or of a couple with whom you have had a passion is true. loving encounter.

Those born under the sign of Aries are characterized by being sensitive and understanding lovers, perfect for those who seek a calm relationship full of tenderness. They are very romantic, but their wildest side can be brought out when caresses rise in tone, especially with a Leo or a Sagittarius, since those transform them completely.

The Taurus are compatible with those of Capricorn and those of Virgo. They are usually traditional at the time of intimacy, enjoy the romantic details and you can be sure that “intensity” is not a word that can represent them although, yes, they tend to be very “enduring”.

If you are dating a Gemini, forget about the routine and the monotony that exists with customs and everyday life. “Surprise” is their favorite word and they love discovering new things all the time and in all aspects, so they never bore their partners. The signs with which they obtain greater connection are Aquarius and Libra, when they get to tie these with a Gemini they become dynamite.

Cancer is walking elegance and enjoy taking your partner to see interesting places. They enjoy making their partner feel good and although they like to have control, they also know how to give them the opportunity to express themselves with total freedom. They love to feel loved and therefore when they give themselves they do so without reservation. They let themselves do anything, that’s why in bed they get along so well with more than two signs: Taurus, Pisces, Aquarius and Scorpion.

If your partner belongs to Leo it is best to let yourself go, because thanks to his strength and his determination he will have no problem making you touch the sky. They abandon themselves to passion and in bed they have the opportunity to conquer unknown territories. Keep in mind that if you satisfy a Leo you will get it delivered completely. They are usually successful professionally and economically, especially accompanied by a Sagittarius, Libra or Gemini.

The compatibility of this sign occurs in greater intensity with the Capricorn and the Taurus. They tend to be neat and clean people, although they also have an intense and daring face, leaving aside the prejudices and fears of exploring the unknown. They enjoy to carry out their fantasies as well as those of their partner, and although they are playful, they love having control.

Most of us know that this sign represents the balance, so it always seeks to be in balance: neither too boring nor too intense, neither so cold nor so hot; always want to be in the middle. The Libra are cheerful, they like to have their partner happy making her laugh, and although they enjoy the moments of tenderness, they are carried away by the most daring. The signs that are best understood are Leo and Sagittarius.

For Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are their favorite companions, for being intense and seasoned signs; They make perfect combination. You can be sure that with a Scorpio you will never get bored and live experiences that besides being new will be the most intense, since it will take you to unknown limits.

Sagittarians, besides being adventurous, are risky and have the certainty that where they put their eyes they put the arrow. They are romantic people but without ceasing to be fun, they have no doubt to express their most intimate desires, and expect the same from their partner. Besides being tireless they are very good lovers, they are always willing to give pleasure. They get along excellent with Aries and Aquarius, but neither do Librans escape.

The word that most characterizes this sign is “energy”. You can expect an eternal night and full of pleasure, because they always have a stack “for a while”. The Capricorn are teachers in the preambles, know how to ignite the engines of those who accompany them. They never get bored, they always come up with a new trick or a new caress, with which they return to action immediately, especially if it is a Virgo or a Scorpion; together they throw fire.

They are like a roller coaster, calm and intense but always fun and spontaneous. They like to be taken by surprise and kept entertained. It excites them to have passionate moments in the most unexpected places. With the right caresses in the least expected places you will light your passion. Libra and Gemini are the best signs to wear, together they are a combination that sparks.

Extreme retailers and romantics. They fall in love with what they see and what they hear, and although they are good for seeing your partner’s feelings, they are even better for entertaining you in bed. A Pisces knows how to move in privacy like a fish in the water and will do everything possible to keep his partner happy, no matter what he has to do to get it. When it comes to a Taurus or a Capricorn, Pisces change from being a water sign to a fire sign with great intensity.

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