Kylie jenner who is a popular American reality TV show star, whose single tweet gave snap chat a big amount of loss. Snap chat’s main root stock had fallen drastically just after a single tweet by the reality show star, and it might happen again.
As the star had huge fan following and the moment she announced it on twitter that she is so done with the snap chat application, many of her fans stop using the application and abandoned
and some of the other fans might do it soon as she clearly mentioned it in her tweet for her fans.
Few days back Kylie shared her perspective about the changes or updates occurring in snap chat on social media and certainly she didn’t like the updates much, her words were spread like wild fire and as celebrities have a great influence on their fan following which is why many of fans stop using the app and snap chat’s stock dropped drastically.
lets see how it all started

Another #throwback 😜😜 #Goodmorning guys ❤

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Unlike her other family members Kylie was the most active snap chat user and she would always update her fans about all the happenings around her.

But few months back there were some changes

#THROWBACK ❤❤ Are you guys fans of #longhair? Or short? 👀👀

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Kylie who used to post updates randomly but messaging app lessen her availability .

And everything was going great and until this happened

Hi guys ❤❤

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She tweeted : “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me… ugh this is so sad.”

It was absolutely unexpected

and this single tweet not only left her fans disheartened but it also made some huge drop down for snap chat too.

After Kylie’s tweet snap chat lost 6-7% of its stocks and in language of dollars they had a loss of 1.3 billion dollars which is a huge drop down.
but is Kylie really the reason ? can her single tweet made such drastic changes. Well lets just say it might be a coincidence

well many people say that it was merely a coincidence and snap chat itself is the reason of this loss.



The quick chat update did not help the snap chat a lot and made people more  annoyed and made them delete the application.

Review by the analyst:

vday 🖤♥️

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The analyst believe that snap chat did loose it’s stocks but giving all hype to kylie and making her the reason behind the drop down of stocks is not rights as Kylie has her limits.

Gil Eyal, founder of marketing agency HYPR says that “Giving so much credit to Kylie may be exciting, but even she has her limits.”

and guess Kylie had to cover up by making another tweet

Kylie wrote another tweet to settle up her fans in favor of snap chat.

so great people around there, who ever is reading it, give us your feedback in your comments below that who do you think is the reason behind the massive loss of snap chat stock.

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