Love in the Air; Breakup or Not?



Beyond all doubt adored, we accumulate here today to recall the numerous big name couples that have fallen before us as an aftereffect of “hopeless contrasts” or whatever fro-yo topping that one accomplice neglected to put on the other accomplice’s 16 Handles. To one side untruths Delmer; to one side, Talvin rests calmly underneath a wreath of palms that they accumulated on their last island get-away together. We barely knew ye — truth be told, we didn’t know ye by any means — so as opposed to conjecturing everything that could have turned out badly in these connections, Celebuzz’s host Mia Lardiere brings the buildup of big name breakups down to a passerby level with the assistance of manager Jelani Addams-Rosa. Since, hey, we’ve all discovered our 21-year-old selves nursing an anxiety cerebral pain out in the open with our BFF when our accomplice is acting like a little d-pack in spite of our faultless photograph spread in Vogue.