The movie star discussed the article of clothing that he says makes a man…

Kellan Lutz was named an ambassador this year at New York Fashion Week: Men’s alongside other heavyweights likes NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade, and musician and snowboarder Shaun White. While partaking in the festivities, the Twilight actor revealed the clothing item he feels completes an outfit.

“I always love a good cologne,” Lutz told Pret-a-Reporter. “But I’d have to say socks because when you have funky socks on, people might see it or they might not.”

The 31-year-old also explained that when it comes to fashion, traveling is his greatest source of inspiration.

“It’s definitely another out source of energy. As I travel the world for different acting jobs or press, I get to see new styles and incorporate that into my own fashion repertoire.”

Clearly, he takes his wardrobe seriously. In fact, Lutz admitted that he used to style his brothers and give them tips.

“I just got a good sense of design, style, material and different brands because I’d wear it,” he said.

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