This is the first time ever Meghan Markle showed up after marriage alongside Prince Harry  on the 70th birthday of Prince Charles at the Buckingham palace. It was Meghan’s first outing as the Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle postponed their honeymoon in honor of his father Prince Charles’s birthday.

Prince Harry gave a nice witty speech in garden party for the 70th birthday of Prince Charles in which he mentioned about his mini moon in Ireland and also clearly mentioning the garden party as the “family celebration” in his speech.

The Duchess of Sussex who will be now addressed as HRH (Her Royal highness) was all seen in white dress by Goat and a hat by Philip Treacy, switching up her signature messy bun which made her look very elegant.

There were some also very heart touching moments as Meghan giggles over Prince Harry when a bumble bee bumped into Harry’s ear while he was giving away the speech.

Meghan along with Prince Harry, Camilla and Prince Charles for the ‘family celebration’ today for Prince Charles’s 70th birthday


This is for the very first time that Megha  Markle will be referred as Her Royal highness (HRH) in public 

This is Meghan’s and Harry’s first outing after the wedding   as Duke and Duchess of Sussex 

Meghan surely enjoyed the brief gate way with husband Harry following their wedding at the Windsor castle. 

Prince Charles  with Camilla and Meghan, the new Duchess of Sussex, share a small laugh together at the Prince of Wales’s birthday party today

There were 6000 bunch of people at the garden party all mostly linked closely to the prince. 

Prince Harry giving speech for his father’s birthday and the moment turned on to a little lighter side when a bumble bee flew into his ear as shown in next image

the light hearten moment made every one giggle and Meghan was one of them whose giggling was most prominent yet sweet.

Meghan giggling over her husband Prince Harry who was almost stung by a bee.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

People are expected to give courtesy to the Duchess of Sussex and call her Ma’am at the garden party today.

The duchess asked her father in law to accompany her in the aisle at the St George’s chapel service

Prince Harry giving speech in front of people gathered for the celebration of Prince Charles birthday while Camilla and Meghan listen.

Prince Charles all happily swings the umbrella as his wife claps.

Harry in the middle of his speech said in a good , joyous tone  ‘To say… phffff….that bee really got me!’

Harry praised his father in his speech and wished him a more of a life time. more over Harry said  today: ‘We’re here today to reflect on and to celebrate my father’s dedicated support to all of you and the work that you do.

‘But first, I would like us to take a moment to remember all those affected by the tragic events at the Manchester Arena a year ago. We are fortunate to have over 250 representatives of the emergency services here today.

‘It is right that we take a moment to recognise the amazing work they do every day, and how each member of our blue light services rise to meet the challenge of tragic events such as the attack a year ago.

‘We are also joined by Youth United Cadets. Their organisation also provided triage support to the medical crews on the attack.

‘So, on behalf of my family, and everyone here, I would like to say thank you to the emergency services and all those who supported the injured and affected.

Prince Charles having a joyful conversation with Kingdom choir and some of them performed at the royal wedding as well held on Saturday

Camilla also talking to the choir in all happy and joyful mood.

Prince Charles and Camilla the duo posed for photographs together on the lawn during the garden party

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex smiles for the cameras along with Charles and Camilla at the birthday celebration today.

The Garden Party allows the Queen and other members to reward the public services. 


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