Praise be to Mila Kunis, who proves that we don’t need to spend a large anount of money on your wedding ring. Hers cost $90 (£68) from Etsy.

“I can’t believe that I’m telling anybody this story,” she said on US chat show “Conan”. “So, my husband and I got married. This was a while ago. He got me a beautiful engagement ring, like stunning, stunning, stunning! But for our wedding bands for when we got married I decided to just get them off Etsy. Our wedding bands are from Etsy.”
Mila Kunis' wedding ring cost £68 from Etsy

Kunis married Ashton Kutcher last summer in a top secret manner in fact, the press only found out about it months later.

She had a very specific idea about what she wanted her wedding band to look like, and couldn’t get on board with the prices of those from luxury brands.

“I wanted the thinnest possible platinum band. I mean, you can’t see it, but it’s super, superthin,” she said. “I looked at how much Tiffany’s cost and I was like, ‘They’re how much? This is astronomical.’ So I went on Etsy and I was like, ‘$90?’ I was like, ‘Buy now!’ $90, everybody! Ashton’s was $100, so technically his wedding band was a little bit more expensive than mine.”

So well done to that designer who unknowingly created a wedding ring for a Hollywood star.

“My engagement ring is beautiful, but I don’t ever wear it,” she told O’Brien. “This ring, I’m like, $90. It’s great. That person on Etsy had no clue whose ring they were making but they were wonderful and very nice and polite and generous.”

Great job Mila Kunis!

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