He was 56 years of age. Cops say they can’t discover a shred of confirmation that demonstrates OKC Thunder co-proprietor was attempting to slaughter himself when he hammered his SUV into a solid extension back in March. Notwithstanding a 2 month examination, Aubrey McClendon had been accused of connivance hours before the accident for his claimed part in an unlawful vitality plan. What’s more, numerous individuals thought he took his own life out of disgrace. Be that as it may, the Oklahoma City Police Dept. says a group of analysts and mischance specialists investigated the accident. What’s more, talked with a group of McClendon’s companions and say nothing indicates suicide. Presently, cops additionally say they can’t be 100% sure be that as it may; now, they’re persuaded he didn’t crash intentionally. The coroner decided McClendon passed on from obtuse power injury – yet his body was so seriously blazed in the flame that resulted, they expected to get a dental practitioner to recognize his body.

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