Make-up truly has no size. Girl or boy, make-up is a gateway to express yourself to the world.

Make-up; one of the most amazing things in the world. Not only because of the beauty of the actual product, but the beauty it gives to so many men and women around the world within themselves. YouTube make-up guru’s such as Jeffree Star, Manny Mua, and Patrick Starrr are empowering men and women everyday to slay their make-up and love themselves while doing so.

Jeffree Star is consistently blowing us all away with his amazing make-up products as well as always reminding us to stay true to ourselves. In a recent video on Manny’s page, Jeffree talks about being in High School and wearing make-up. He consistently told himself to “just stay strong and don’t listen to what anyone else has to say. Do you honey!”. He also tells us to stay authentic to who we are and to keep doing what you love regardless of the stares or put downs.

Jeffree Star

The gorgeous Manny Mua is nothing short of amazing, always coming out with beautiful looks and pushing us all to stay positive. He tells us in a recent video,” Do whatever you want to do, that’s all that matters, doing you”,  as well as preaching to never take no for an answer, know your worth, and to never think you’re not good enough, you’re always good enough.

Manny Mua

Last but not least, PatrickStarrr. I’ve always been such a huge fan not only because his gorgeous videos, but his personality as well. He is sweet, funny, and always spreading positivity to the make-up community. In a video called My Cinderella Story he tells us about his Cinderella Story. The struggles of working at a make-up store and not being able to express himself freely because of the common misconception that men are not aloud to wear any. His mantra is ” I’m a boy that wears make-up and if I can do it, you can do it too…The make-up comes off, you will learn, you will live. It is not hurting you at all, by any means. It’s just make-up”.

Patrick Starrr

Alongside these three beauties the make-up community continues to spread love and positivity throughout one another. Make-up has no gender. Whatever it is that makes you comfortable should not be shamed. Every person has their right to feel beautiful.

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