Daisy Ridley has deleted her Instagram account, because of online abuse she received.

Earlier this week, the Star Wars actress shared a photo of herself at the Teen Choice Awards, commenting on how moved she was by the awards’ tribute to gun violence. Her words prompted a slew of online backlash.

In the post, Daisy wrote: “Thinking about how lucky I am like……… Serious bit: as I sat in the audience yesterday tears were streaming down my face at the tribute to those that have been lost to gun violence.”

“I didn’t get a great picture of the incredible group that came on stage but they were so brave. It was a true moment of togetherness. We must #stoptheviolence.”

One user told Ridley not to “express your opinions on politics, let alone constitutional rights”, while another said, “Daisy I like what you do as an actress but if somebody breaks into my house they’re gonna be on the receiving end of a shotgun blast.” Another accused her of being a hypocrite for using guns in films, adding “Just shut up, Ridley and make another Star Wars movie.”

The actress has consequently deleted her Instagram account but we want her back soon!

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