Whereas most individuals are likely to get piercings solely for aesthetic functions, this one inside ear piercing has a wholly completely different goal. With some individuals affected by power migraines, this piercing works as a extra holistic technique of reduction somewhat than remedy.

This power migraine remedy is called auricular acupuncture and it entails hitting a particular strain level within the ear. This space can be a spot the place individuals will get piercings referred to as a daith piercing, which hits the identical strain level that auricular acupuncture does.

Whereas the daith piercing isn’t unusual, exterior of merely fashionable functions the piercing can truly relieve the painful signs of a migraine. With the piercing doubling as jewellery, it makes for a remedy that’s cheap and void of medicines.

Proprietor of the Tempest Creative Studio in Hopewell Junction, New York, Dave Kurlander mentions, ‘I’ve had many individuals come to me searching for migraine reduction. It’s a less expensive various to medication and even acupuncture, and lots of of their docs suggest it to them.’

‘Primarily it’s the identical idea as acupuncture,’ says Kurlander. ‘The piercing hits a strain level which then relieves strain in your head.’

Kurlander means that these getting this piercing for migraine reduction ought to get it on the ear that corresponds with the aspect of your head the place migraines really feel most outstanding.

Whereas there hasn’t been a lot with regards to science supporting this declare, many have come ahead on social media to share their optimistic outcomes with the piercing.

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