Peter Andre and his wife Emily introduced their baby boy Theodore James to the world


Peter Andre and wife Emily are blessed with a baby boy Theodore James.

The latest issue of OK! magazine shared the pictures of Peter and Emily with their baby boy. They also talked about the difficulties in birthday they faced.

Peter and Emily blessed with baby boy


The couple also have daughter Amelia together who is 2-year-old and now blessed with the baby boy Theodore James.

He was born more than three weeks before his due date.

“I was Bawling my eyes out at the birth – it was my dream to have another boy” Peter told the magazine.

“I love him so much, he’s a chilled baby. He’s my mini-me.”

Peter”he is mini me but his eyes are blue”


Emily revealed in her interview that the birth of their baby boy didn’t go according to the plan.”I was so upset that I had to have a Cesarean, But it was too dangerous not to,” the doctor explained.

Peter and his wife Emily

“The birth did not go to plan. I was having regular Brazton Hicks from 20 weeks onwards and I was told at my 34-week check that he was breech.

“Then, after being a good size, I was told his weight had dropped right down. I was really worried so we went straight down to Taunton on November 14 to stay with my parents. By then I was having Braxton Hicks all the time.”

“I was Bawling my eyes out at the birth – it was my dream to have another boy”

Peter also said his baby boy looks like him.

It fun to go out with my kids

After the birth of Theodore peter wrote on twitter: “very very happy for our new baby boy:)…Thanks to all for youe lovely comments.