All of us love summer time, that’s for certain, however all of us dislike the bugs it brings with it, particularly the mosquitoes. They’re very annoying and stop us from absolutely having fun with the nice summer time days. What’s extra, with the current Zika virus epidemic, the rationale to discover a option to eliminate them is much more essential.
Find out how to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

One choice is store-bought bug sprays, nevertheless, most of them comprise a chemical often known as DEET which has been proven to trigger plenty of well being issues, from pores and skin irritations to allergic reactions, and even nervous system interference. So, you need to keep away from these merchandise and go for pure bug sprays.

Pure Bug Repellents
Lemon eucalyptus important oil

This oil is extracted from the leaves of the lemon eucalyptus tree and quite a few research have proven its effectiveness at repelling mosquitoes.

Citronella important oil

This oil is extracted from lemon grass and it repels mosquitoes and different opinions on canadian on-line pharmacy flying bugs with its robust scent.

Citrus fruits

Based on a examine, substances created from peels of citrus fruits have been useful at repelling mosquitoes.


When mixed collectively, important oils and citrus fruits make a really efficient mosquito repellent. Right here’s what you will have:

2 mason jars

10 drops of lemon eucalyptus important oil

10 drops of citronella important oil

One lemon, sliced

One lime, sliced

four rosemary sprigs

Floating disc candles

Preparation: Add even quantities of lemon and lime slices to every jar after which put 2 sprigs of rosemary into every jar. Subsequent, fill the jar with ¾ water and add 10 drops of the important oils to a particular jar (don’t combine them). To activate them, simply gentle a candle.

These bug-repelling jars make a fantastic addition to backyards, porches, campfires, and different out of doors areas the place you spend your summer time nights.


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