Victoria Beckham was seen at royal wedding hitting the headlines not because of her dress or her dashing husband but because she was not smiling at the  royal wedding, as she arrived at Windsor Castle.
On Saturday when the royal wedding was held when people not only watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  at the wedding ceremony,

Reports says that Victoria Beckham was all serious because David had been partying all night before.

Reports says that there is reason why Victoria was all down and serious face.
Rumors has it that the handsome foot ball player bought shots for event planner Kara Keble White at the Soho Farm house.
 and some magazines claim that Kara took a selfie with the foot ball player which is posted it on Instagram with the caption ,  “Thanks for the shots”. and now the picture is deleted.
 According to the sources David Beckham bumped into Kara at Soho farm house night before the wedding.

Meanwhile PIER also mentioned not only Victoria for looking unhappy and “sourpuss” but also David Beckham for chewing gum at the ceremony.
Piers says: “He goes into church and sits down next to Nicholas Soames. The pillar of the establishment. A man related to Winston Churchill and what does old Golden Balls do? He chews gum.”
Along with his co host he imitates David for chewing gum and He then turned on Victoria saying: “You’re at the sunniest, happiest wedding in the world and you turn up looking like…”

The glamorous couple was among the many VIP guests invited at the royal wedding.

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