The famous boxer Amir khan who is not only famous for her boxing, but also being in news for his relationship with wife Faryal Makhdoom.

but recently he got into some yellow journalism by being accused of cheating his wife exactly after 17 days of the birth of his second child.

A 22 years old Beautician Sophia Hammani claimed that she slept with  Amir Khan at London night club. Hammani  disclosed to Sun that

Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom texted her after she found her number on his phone, calling him a ‘f***ing a*****e’.

Hammani also claimed that Faryal forgave her for the rendezvous in their text exchange.

 Sophia Hammani, claims to sleep with Boxer Amir Khan in London night club.

where as,Amir Khan on the second side claims all this as ‘nonsense’ on Twitter, saying she was simply a fan aggrieved when he wouldn’t pose for a photo.

The famous Olympic boxer wrote on Twitter after this story came out this morning : ‘What total nonsense! She was wanting a pic but was told to leave by security due to her being too drunk. IMO that’s the reason she sold a story.’

 Sophia Hammani, says that she didn’t know the couple is still together when she enjoyed the tryst in London to the former Olympic boxer. 

The Famous boxer claims it all non sense on his twitter. 

Faryal Makhdoom posts early hours in this morning. 

he continued saying: ‘Quite strange at the fact that there is no photos of us together. Supposedly, i gave her £20, is that all she’s worth?’

In this morning, Faryal mysteriously tweeted ‘s*** happens’ to her 217,000 followers.

Faryal gave birth to second child named Alayna, on April 24 and the beautician Hammani accuses of sleeping with boxer on May 11. She also says about her one night stand that she was not aware that the couple is back together and she thought that they were still going on their divorce phase, she got to know this after the boxer posted his family pic on instagram.

Hammani got a text message from Faryal after she got to know that he was still married, which is: ‘What a f***ing a*****e. He makes me sick. I cannot believe this man.’

where as, instead of being all frowned upon her husband’s lover, Hammani says they had a ‘sisterly chat’ and Faryal with all her big heart forgave her for the fling.

A picture of Amir khan with his daughter Alayna born on April 24th and he is accused of sleeping with another girl less than 3 weeks later. 

She said: ‘He’s disgusting. He slept with me and his wife had just given birth. I nearly threw up when I saw they were still together. I felt so used. That must be every wife’s nightmare. That poor woman.’

Hammani says that she met Amir in London  on a night out with his friends where they were invited to sit at the table.
The alleged couple hit it together at the shisha bar and started flirting, continued saying that she was invited by the khan at £200-a-night Montcalm Hotel in Shoreditch, East London where he was living and gave her £20  for the cab in the morning to get her back to her home.

The 22 years old beautician thought that Amir and Faryal are on the divorce phase and not back together after the temporary separation last year.

Former Olympic boxer Amir Khan with his wife and 4 years old daughter.

Hammani says Amir did not reply back when she asked about wife Faryal. 

She claims that Amir Khan said he will contact her after Ramadan when she asked about marriage.She also said that Amir khan said not message him again.

Last month, Faryal divided her followers after she shared a a baby body photograph on her Instagram – seven days after giving delivery to her second little one Alayna with husband Amir Khan.

Amir joined actress Laila Rouass, right, and inspirational youngster Bana Alabed at the One Family Global event last week.

The couple is back together after a small hurdles of about one year gap in a relationship but they are officially together since 6 years.

Since their reunion the couple says they are “stronger than ever’.

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