After months of anticipation and controversy, the new Ghostbusters remake is arriving in theaters offering moviegoers an alternative to all the exceptional animated movies that have cleaned up so far this summer.

Planning to see Melissa McCarthy and her crew take on the spooks? Check out the reviews first!

The cast is packed with names you know and the premise is unabashedly familiar and fun, but is it worth catching on the big screen? Here’s what the critics think.

  • “The talented stars are not to blame for a pointless, harmless and mildly funny remake that will leave most moviegoers shrugging their shoulders and musing, ‘well, at least it’s better than Ghostbusters 2.’”
    -Mara Reinstein [Us Weekly]
  • “These characters might even be more fun to watch in a movie that wasn’t as beholden to its source. I’m saying I want a sequel, and maybe you should too. This one’s pretty good. But it had a chance to be great.”
    -Ty Burr [Boston Globe]
  • “Angry nerds, take note: The ladies are the best thing about this franchise reboot. Kate McKinnon is a spontaneous eruption of hellfire hilarity.”
    -Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]
  • “This might have worked if the 1984 film were less well remembered, but it looms large over this production, which does little to distinguish itself.”
    -Leah Pickett [Chicago Reader]
  • “A goofy, free-floating romp with an anarchic spirit of its own, a fresh set of scares and laffs and a moderate dose of girl power that is unlikely to seem confrontational to anyone beyond the most confirmed basement-dwelling Gamergate troll.”
    -Andrew O’Hehir [Salon]
  • “Crucial to [the] fun: McKinnon, who steals the movie with her mad-scientist grin, eyes that gleam like a laser pointer and unexpected random weirdness.”
    -Moira Macdonald [Seattle Times]
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