while you listen the call rodrigo alves, you might not realize who it’s far right away, but while you pay attention the call ‘human ken doll’ you straight away conjure up precisely who rodrigo alves is. inside the ultra-modern of a series of dramatic plastic surgical procedures, alves has gone through a drastic procedure to have his lower ribs removed. his reason? he didn’t need to get his blazers altered. in an interview with the british application the morning display, the eccentric fashionista discovered that he had had to continuously get this tailor to modify his suit blazers due to the fact they might by no means properly suit around his waist.

now, with four of his ribs removed, alves can in shape into all the blazers he wishes. he originally desired 6 ribs removed, but he couldn’t discover a health practitioner within the international who would carry out the technique. ultimately, he settled for four ribs, but, in doing so he has given himself brought hazard to his internal organs. alves now wears a mens corset to provide himself brought assist after his surgery. the technique become cautiously executed to ensure that alves’s spine would nonetheless be protected and that minimal intrusion may be averted to assist guard his organs. following the method, alves now maintains his ribs in a jar to show off to whoever he pleases.

to this point, alves has long past underneath the knife so often that it has value him well over £500,000, which in u.s. dollars equates to over $707,000. the wealthy brazilian model and persona inherited a big sum of houses, investments and cash from his grandparents, which includes a huge investment that pays for a big majority of his profits to this present day. while asked approximately his many procedures, alves stated to the morning display: “my advice is don’t do what i’ve completed. i didn’t want 60 [surgeries], i would have only needed 10.” alves also is going on to give an explanation for that, “i do not encourage others to do this however i’m very happy. this has modified my existence from water to wine.”

according to alves, he is the simplest guy in the global to have the system carried out, noting that it’s miles a completely famous system in hollywood but it isn’t pointed out that often. to date, alves has had work performed on his body such as: botox fillers, fake six-p.c. transplants, over 10 nostril process surgical procedures (which included a botched strive that were given him featured on the famous series botched), % implants, laser eye shade adjustment, severa liposuction approaches, calf shaping, hair transplants, and of path the cutting-edge rib elimination manner.

whilst you see images of what rodrigo alves seemed like before, it’s difficult to trust that the man is the same man or woman. in an example last year, rodrigo changed into detained in an airport in dubai through the immigration police, claiming that the man didn’t appear like his preceding passport picture. at the time, rodrigo had undergone several cosmetic surgeries changing his physical appearance. this became no longer the first time this has occurred to rodrigo, such as stops via immigration at the nyc and jfk airports. fortunately, rodrigo’s pictures are going to be up to date soon.

on rodrigo alves’ numerous social media outlets, the person says that he urges his fans to refer to him as “roddy doll” in preference to the human ken doll call the net has given him. consistent with an article on the solar, alves said: “i never aimed to appear to be ken, however because of my style experience and my way of life i was given the nickname five years in the past – and i have been having a laugh with it.” the health practitioner who finished the surgical treatment in l. a. is dr. michael ok. obeng, who desired to ensure the rib elimination manner went as thoroughly as viable. dr. obeng is rated one of the top plastic surgeons in the global through the purchasers research council of the usa in 2011.

at the start from sao paulo, brazil, rodrigo moved to the United Kingdom to make a brand new call for himself. the man stated that his preferred appearance has been prompted from bullying he received as a youngster and younger guy. alves claims he has grown from this experience and his glad with who he is these days. alves plans to show two new fact tv shows coming to air this yr, which include one for the bbc and one for american audiences. rodrigo has honestly had therapy remedy, and he found out the way to be extra accepting and loving of himself. remedy has allowed him to reinvent himself in approaches that he always desired. his number one warning to others is that they have to now not go to the intense like he has, however if they do selected to go through body change they ought to “do their studies” as rodrigo says to the morning display.

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