Ryan Lochte made headlines around the world when he claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint during the 2016 Summer Games in Rio. Then, the swimmer walked back his statements, ultimately telling Matt Lauer he “over-exaggerated” the events involving vandalism and money reportedly changing hands. Now, according to a source with E! News, the famed athlete’s life is on a downward spiral.

According to their source, Lochte “feels like his life is crumbling under him. He is reevaluating everything. He honestly did not think this was going to be blown out of proportion like it was. He just felt like he had to keep up with this lie or else. After everyone found out the truth he knew it was over. He really does feel bad.”

Just yesterday, it was reported that the 32-year-old lost his sponsorship from Speedo USA, among other companies. Through it all, Lochte’s model girlfriend Kayla Rae Reid “has been there for him during this mess.”

As for the gold medal winner’s teammates, they “all think that this was a really wrong move. His teammates are not happy. It’s a bad look for all the U.S. swimmers and USA,” said the insider.

“They want him to learn and he will surely pay the consequences,” the source continued. “He is still one of the best swimmers, so they do hope by the time the next Olympics happen, Ryan has learned his lessons and cleaned up his act. Ryan has apologized to a few via text and calls. His teammates have spoken to him numerous times to check in on him, because in the end, a team is a team.”

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