Reality angel put on a hot display for the saucy shoot as she poses in her black outfit and writhed around with a snake.

The reality television darling shed her garments for the famous photographer Terry Richardson, and she has now given fans a look at the appealing shots.

I mean we all know it’s cold outside but Kylie Jenner come the new year is gonna bring the heat.


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Kylie Jenner shared an attractive BTS video from her Calendar shoot. The video reveals her posing for pictures on set, stripping to her clothing and writhing around with snake.

Kylie is get ready to release her attractive new calender shoot, and she has shared a short film taken off camera at the shoot.

In that video, she flaunts some eye-popping underboob as she posture with a big candy stick.


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She stripped danced during the BTS video


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AAANNNDD she’s a patriotic one.


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But it’s not that she doesn’t want you to see her cleavage, right guys?


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She does like balloons and here I thought I was the only one.


Via: Instagram

Here’s another shot posing in short black booty shorts and a giant snake wrapped around her body.

For now i’m curious to know all your thoughts on Kylie’s newest business venture so get the conversation going, write down here in the comment section and hope you have a good time reading my article.

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