As outlined by, scarlet fever (also referred to as scarlatina) is a type of an infection that may develop in individuals who have strep throat. It’s normally marked by a big and vibrant pink rash over the physique in addition to a excessive fever and a sore throat. Based on Well being Line, the identical micro organism that causes strep throat can also be the reason for scarlet fever. Moreover, scarlet fever tends to have an effect on largely youngsters between the ages of 5 to 15 years outdated.

Public Well being England not too long ago reported that the variety of circumstances in 2018 has elevated. Within the week of January 28, there have been a reported 735 circumstances (which is the biggest one-week outbreak since April of 2017). This an infection normally happens within the winter or spring so Public Well being England expects these circumstances to taper off later within the yr.

Whereas trendy antibiotics have made strep throat and scarlet fever a lot much less lethal than prior to now, the micro organism remains to be evolving and adapting. As reported on Child’s Well being, the micro organism that causes strep throat (streptococcus) releases a toxin inside the physique which then develops into scarlet fever. Then, rashes type on the chest, face, again, and neck and start to peel about 6 days or every week after. The rashes are normally comparable in look to that of a sunburn.

Some frequent signs for scarlet fever embody pink rashes, sore throat, itchy pores and skin, belly ache, flushed face, excessive fever, strawberry tongue (marked with white dots on the tongue,) chills, swollen tonsils, pale pores and skin across the lips and swollen neck glands.

Scarlet fever is contagious so be sure you or your youngster are quarantined from the general public in case you have it. It may be transmitted by way of a sneeze or a cough so make certain to not share any meals or drinks with individuals who have scarlet fever or strep throat.

Some frequent therapies which are offered for scarlet fever embody antibiotics and over-the-counter remedy corresponding to aspirin or ibuprofen to regulate the fever. Treatment may additionally be prescribed for the sore throat however typically consuming heat soup or consuming ice cream could be simply as soothing. Gargling salt water and utilizing a cool air humidifier can assist lower the ache of the sore throat.

And it’s completely important to drink loads of water to stay hydrated and to meticulously wash your palms in order that the micro organism received’t proceed to unfold. Cowl your mouth when coughing and sneezing and ensure to not share any utensils or consuming glasses with others.

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