mountain biking through scenic woods looks as if a clearly fun interest. properly, dorothy, i’m about to wreck it for you. right here’s a little reminder that the woods are complete of lions and tigers and bears. good enough, i’m not positive about the lions and tigers part. but there are really bears in the woods.

a video of two slovakian mountain bikers encountering a endure and taking pictures the incident on a helmet-cam has long past viral—with the youtube video they posted garnering over 10 million views as of the time of guide.

vinzik yells—in dramatic slow-movement—what we’re assuming is the slovakian word for “undergo!” in time to warn his buddy to pump his brakes and make a hasty retreat.

i supply credit score to vinzik, because i think i might have in reality became round and allow the undergo chase after my pal.

some bear chases are fake, but
of direction, there are also faux videos of undergo chases floating around at the net, like the one discipline and stream debunked in 2014. i can’t inform you how relieved i’m that this video is fake. whilst the undergo in the first motion pictures gives quick chase, the only within the faux video simply maintains walking after the cyclist like the t-rex in “jurassic park.”

in case you do find yourself in a actual-lifestyles stumble upon with a undergo, the national park provider recommends which you try to make yourself look as big as feasible while speakme frivolously to the endure—maybe something like “so, how about the ones chicago cubs?”—earlier than shifting slowly away in a sideways movement.

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or simply make certain you in no way bike without leonardo dicaprio.

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