The hit TV series ‘Scream Queens’ which recently just got tagged as the most controversial show this year is now set to return the screen with another season full of exciting and intense controversies and drama.

Fans are going to be seeing fresh faces when the show returns. Even with the quantity of hate and issues being thrown at the show and of the team, they are still up for the challenge of bringing entertainment to their viewers into a whole new level this upcoming season.


Series creator Ryan Murphy is said to add four new male cast members who will all be playing as doctors. Remember when the last episode showed Chanel and her followers, Chanel #3 and Chanel # 5 get sealed in the psychiatric asylum. In Scream Queens Season 2,” this is the place where you would see new characters finally appear to serve you with horror and also give you something to giggle about.

Since most of the season will circle around the girls in the asylum, the new cast will play the role of doctors. The said actors are hinted to be in their late 20s, early 30’s. Many are expecting that the additional cast members are going to be those who have already established their names in Hollywood just like how Murphy has featured big names in the show’s first season.


In “Scream Queens Season 2” you will see terror following star Emma Roberts’ Chanel Oberlin and her Chanels in the form of medical experiments among other things.

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