Selena Gomez had the last word in a dispute with Justin Bieber on Instagram when he had his feelings hurt by a few words of truth.

As previously reported, Bieber threatened to make his Instagram account private when his fans started bullying his rumored girlfriend, Sofia Richie, in the comments section of his photos. Gomez, his ex-girlfriend, issued advice regarding Belieber brand maintenance before he pulled the plug on his public photos.


Bieber responded in the anonymous fashion that makes social media disputes so special, suggesting that the Revival singer used him for publicity.





Gomez clapped back in the peak of clap back season by calling out Bieber for being unfaithful and giving him a taste of his own Donald Trump-esque “Sad!” sign-off.

And just like that, Gomez fluttered away after leaving a few Instagram photos of her interacting with fans to drive the point home.

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