Four years prior, when Phelps solidified his place in Olympic history securing his 22nd decoration, ought to have been the happiest a great time, yet the swimmer had arrived in a desperate predicament. His wild celebrating and overwhelming drinking, matched with a medication embarrassment and a DUI provoked his loved ones to ask the competitor to enter recovery, where he was at long last compelled to face his evil presences. At the foundation of his issue, he strained association with his dad. At the base of his issue, his strained association with his dad Fred Phelps, who separated his mother Debbie when the competitor was only 9-years of age. In recovery, Phelps could manage his relinquishment issues and at last reached the conclusion he’d rather not have an association with his dad. Nowadays Phelps is in a much more content spot, having recently respected his first child Boomer with life

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