Well, there is nothing more perfect than having beautiful moves and perfect attitude. With temperatures ascending in Los Angeles, Khloé Kardashian stripped down and treated fans to solidified sweet treats on Wednesday (June 8, 2016) as she assumed control over the Coolhaus dessert truck. Clad in a low-diving, naked bodysuit, the truth star kept an eye on the counter as she took orders, went out dessert sandwiches, and — natch — snapped selfies with fans.

Later in the day, she was seen wearing precisely the same as she looked for garments at a neighborhood boutique. It has been stated about her that a bodysuit is immaculate underpants, pencil skirts, and calfskin pants—or all alone, contingent upon how playful I feel, LOL,” she composed on her application. “In view of the tight fit, I jump at the chance to work out my abs and hips before I wear one. No overhang, please!!

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