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Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Scott (Simon Pegg) and rest of crew are blasting into theaters today (July 22, 2016) with Star Trek Beyond.

  • “There are bright, busy Star Trek movies, full of wit and interest, and then there are Star Trek movies like this one, that are subdued and dark, as if imbued with the monotony of being stuck on a space ship for five long years.”
    -Mick LaSalle [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • “It may not boldly go where no Star Trek film has gone before, but it gets there at warp speed, and with a full tank of fresh ideas.”
    -Michael O’Sullivan [Washington Post]
  • “Not every wheel needs reinventing, and one of the abiding pleasures of Star Trek, in its old and newer iterations, lies in its balance of stubborn consistency and canny inventiveness.”
    -A.O. Scott [New York Times]
  • “Though the action-packed trailers might suggest he simply launched that manic vibe into space, [Justin] Lin and scriptwriters Simon Pegg and Doug Jung made a clever plot move that gives Beyond the most breathing room for its characters in years.”
    -Jim Slotek [Toronto Sun]
  • “The script injects a welcome strain of humor that’s true to the original Gene Roddenberry creation, delivering nostalgia without stiff veneration.”
    -David Rooney [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • “An enjoyably old-fashioned entry in the new series. Short on back story, long on action, loads of fun.”
    -Rafer Guzmán [Newsday]
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