In year 2016 we have seen plenty of celebrity breakups and a few patchups aswell. As only few days left in 2016, there’s one more celebrity breakup is added to the list.


Melissa Benoist, a famous supergirl and Blake Jenner who played Ryder Lynn on Glee, has filed for divorce against his husband Blake.

In the court docs, Melissa refers to “irreconcilable differences” for the split – and needs to block the court’s capacity to hand out spousal support to both of them.


They have no children … so no issues there.

One final thing, she needs to change her legitimate name back to Melissa Benoist … also, drop the Jenner thing for good.

She seems to be the only person in Hollywood who wouldn’t like to be a Jenner nowadays.

Benoist and her husband were together since 2013 and after four years of marriage, Benoist now went to court and filed the divorce against Blake.

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