The spine-chilling, supernatural horror flick “The Conjuring 2” hits theaters with Patrick Wilson returning as a paranormal investigator Ed Warren. It was based on true story, and you really wouldn’t want to see it alone, because it’s way too scary and haunted.

“James Wan, who I’ve done four films with, who’s our fearless director, there’s nobody better in the business than him, honestly, and I think what makes him so skilled is not just the way he can craft a scare, but the love that he has for character,” Wilson said


The story became a sensation drawing in experts (and sceptics) from around the world. Most of the real characters in the movie have now passed away, including Peggy Hodgson, Gross and neighbor Nottingham. Janet and Margaret, now in their 50s, admit to hoaxing some of the story, including the demonic voices. There’s a BBC Scotland interview in which the two girls were asked: “How does it feel to be haunted by a poltergeist?” Janet replies: “It’s not haunting,” and Margaret interrupts: “Shut up.” But they said that they only made up a small number of the story.




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