We must always by no means take rape calmly.
And but that’s precisely what many individuals do after they blame the sufferer. They only don’t get it by their thick cranium that no person ever needs to be raped even when they prance round totally bare.

It’s our personal physique, we will do no matter we wish with it, however no person is allowed to the touch us with out permission. Nonetheless, many individuals appear to suppose that simply since you put on ‘revealing’ garments, you’re inviting somebody.

Sure, even when the sufferer will get aroused in the course of the assault, it doesn’t imply that they needed it. It simply implies that the physique is doing its job and nothing else. So it’s stunning that so many individuals nonetheless don’t perceive this.

That’s in all probability why this person needed everybody to grasp this totally.

She needed everybody to cease blaming the sufferer.

And the age-old blaming of ‘You requested for it.’

No one ever asks to be raped.

No one ever needs their dignity to be shredded, and but so many individuals blame the sufferer.

It’s simply the physique doing its job; it doesn’t imply the sufferer needed it.

Individuals consider what they wish to consider even when it doesn’t make any actual sense.

And we as a society simply gas that hate in the direction of themselves.

Moderately than making an attempt to assist them by this horrendous time, we flip in opposition to them.

Hopefully, extra individuals will perceive this and cease their slandering.

I wholeheartedly agree!

And so do many Twitter customers.

Hopefully, many individuals will learn this.

Preach it certainly!

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