Tom Hiddleston was hit with questions about his new beau Taylor Swift whilst out jogging in Australia this weekend and he clearly wasn’t ready to answer them.

Tom Hiddleston's first interview about Taylor Swift is beyond awkward
Source: Rex Features

The 35 year-old actor, whose new relationship has been shrouded with conspiracy, was caught off guard by a group of journalists from Australian news stations during a jog, as everyone wanted to hear what he had to say about his new girlfriend.

However, despite the pair’s endless public displays of affection since stepping out together as a couple, Hiddleston seemed very reluctant to discuss the 26 year-old hit-maker and the whole thing was awkward to say the least.

When asked how Taylor was enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast, Hiddleston awkwardly hesitated before saying “I’m not going to answer that if that’s ok,” and when asked what the pair had planned for their trip he answered “I don’t know.”

Talk about being uncomfortable.

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