On her way to the Hamptons this past weekend, Kim Kardashian took her hair to new heights. Justine Marjan, Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, gave the star a messy top-knot bun.

Marjan started by prepping Kim’s dry hair with Paul Mitchell Dry Wash and Paul Mitchell Spray Wax.

Using the Marulaoil Detangling brush, she brushed Kim’s hair and split it into two sections, with the top section coming from the ear to the crown.

She then attached the bottom section to the top pony using a hair bungee. Using her fingers, Marjan used Paul Mitchell Dry Wax to create texture in the pony. To create the top knot, she twisted Kim’s hair into a knot and secured it with bobby pins. Loosen the knot a bit and pull out a few strands to give the top-knot a messy look.

She finished the look by spraying MarulaOil Perfecting Hairspray.

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