The “Like I Would” artist, who as of late split with Gigi Hadid before getting back together with the model days after the fact, was spotted leaving his better half’s home in New York City on Thursday (June 9, 2016). That same day, Hadid was seen likewise leaving the flat. She later retweeted a message from Malik’s record about his “Pillowtalk” music video achieving 500 million perspectives. Despite the fact that it might appear like things between the couple are fine for the present, word has it that Malik, 23, and Hadid, 21, are as yet dealing with patching their unstable relationship. At the point when the two initially began dating before the end of last year, Hadid’s nearby buddies professedly did not support of them together. Her companions don’t exactly comprehend what the fascination is,” a source said at the time. “He is not her standard sort, he doesn’t share her comical inclination or straightforwardness with individuals [and] he’s somewhat more mindful and ungainly.

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