Tyra Banks Smashes Cheesecake on Drake’s Face!


Tyra Banks letting Drake have it in his new short film/music video “Child’s Play.”

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The rapper released the new video this weekend, and it features the supermodel as his irate love interest, calling him out while they are out for dinner at a restaurant (implied to be a Cheesecake Factory, a reference to the song’s lyrics).

Slapping the table, Tyra causes a scene over some suspicious texts Drake received from another woman. “She called you Aubrey,” she yells. “She didn’t call you Drake; she called you Aubrey. So, obviously there’s something a little bit more intimate for her to call you Aubrey. I call you Aubrey, your mom calls you Aubrey. These bitches call you f**king Drake.” The Toronto native’s full name is Aubrey Drake Graham.

“Okay, so what do you want to do?” Drake asks. Not the most prudent of questions, considering the temperament. Banks answers by shoving a piece of cake right into his face, and then dumps a glass of red wine over his head. Watch the full rant above.
Banks famously made her debut in music videos when she appeared in Michael Jackson’s 1991 hit “Black or White.”

Thankfully, this is pure fiction and not some replay (we don’t think) from Drake’s past, because he is now blissfully in love with Rihanna.

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