It is a fact that fans are blessing and nothing gives more happiness to a celebrity more than a fan. Hiddleswift, the favored union of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, is still shiny new. All things considered, photographs of the two celebs having a Nicholas Sparks minute on a rough Rhode Island shore just surfaced a couple days back. But then some fan fiction from 2014 anticipated these two would locate each other. It gets more abnormal. The baffling, psychic fan fiction additionally expresses that they would meet at the Met Gala, which they did. The story, titled “Most out of this world fantasies” by a young lady named Jennifer Stanley, additionally anticipated the couple’s VIP name: “Hiddleswift”! What’s more, in the event that all that isn’t sufficiently unusual for you, it turns out the pop vocalist takes after Stanley on Tumblr! Did a million small sparkling stars simply adjust? You can read the whole 12,000-word fan fiction here. Be cautioned, amazingly NSFW.

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