Brietbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos has no regrets for sending hateful, racist comments to Leslie Jones on Twitter – even after being banned for the social media site for doing it.

Speaking with ABC’s Nightline on Thursday, Yiannopoulos said, “Trolling is very important. I like to think of myself as a virtuous troll, you know? I’m doing God’s work.”

The Ghostbusters star was hit with a barrage of racist tweets in July, instigated by Yiannopoulos, which prompted her to sign off from Twitter.

“These people hate themselves,” Jones wrote before signing off. “You have to hate yourself to put out that type of hate. I mean on my worst day I can’t think of this type of hate to put out.”

Yiannopoulos rolled his eyes at her and other celebrities playing the victim. “This idea that celebrities are these fragile wallflowers. Give me a break,” he told Nightline. “That the stars of Hollywood blockbusters are sitting at home crying into their iPhones.”

Poor Jones was also attacked last month when her website was hacked and personal information including nude photos, her passport and driver’s license information — was leaked. The FBI have launched an investigation.

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