hevesh has made a call for herself on this area; she’s created complex industrial campaigns for honda and ford, among others. her videos were featured on networks like nbc, fox information, cnn and cbs.

lily’s youtube channel has over 357 million general youtube perspectives and over 1.2 million subscribers. in other words, she’s sort of a big deal.

and here’s a reel of highlights from a number of her “pleasant projects,” which she shared lower back in june. seriously amazing paintings!

hevesh changed into inside the ordinary of posting new clips of her projects to her channel each saturday at 1 p.m. et. that could now not be the case, but, as this domino artist extraordinaire heads off to travel at some point of a “hole year” before she begins her freshman yr of college at rensselaer polytechnic institute in troy, the big apple, subsequent fall. (well-known rensselaer alums consist of reid hoffman, the co-founding father of linkedin, in addition to a gaggle of nasa employees and astronauts.)

hevesh these days closed up her domino studio and moved all 70,000 of her dominoes to her parents’ residence, a manner that she chronicled on social media:

for all you hevesh superfans accessible, she even has her very own logo and line of shirts, too. not bad for an 18-year-vintage with a shiny future!

interested by staring your own domino artwork tasks? hevesh gives hints on her website, and you may grab a one hundred-% of bulk dominoes on amazon for $18.ninety nine plus free shipping.

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