Relating to the subject of urine, no person talks about it in well mannered firm, nevertheless it does inform quite a bit about you. The consistency, the odor, and shade of your urine are all tell-tale indicators of your well-being and the kind of life-style that you just stay which ranges from what you drink and eat to the kinds of illnesses chances are you’ll not know you’ve gotten.

In keeping with UC San Diego Well being, urine is at the very least 95% water. However the remaining 5% is a fancy of various elements that embody sodium, chloride, urea, and creatinine. The most typical shade of urine is yellow, which UC San Diego Well being says is attributable to urobilin, which is a biochemical waste product that’s generated from the breakdown of your physique’s previous pink blood cells.

In case you’re ever involved about your urine shade, have a look under. You’ll discover the kinds of urine shade and what they are saying about your well being.

Clear: The UC San Diego Well being explains that colorless urine might point out that your physique could also be over-hydrated. This isn’t a direct trigger for concern, however they add that over-dehydration can dilute important salts that may create a chemical imbalance in your blood.

Pale Colour: You’re well-hydrated, wholesome and regular when you have a pale shade urine, says the UC San Diego Well being.

Yellow: As talked about already, if the colour of your urine is yellow, then all the pieces is totally regular. You’re hydrated and your stomach is working completely, says the UC San Diego Well being.

Darkish Yellow: If the colour of your urine is darkish yellow, it’s nonetheless regular, nevertheless it additionally does recommend that you could be be mildly dehydrated in accordance with UC San Diego Well being.

Honey or Amber: UC San Diego Well being says that if their shade of your urine is honey or amber, you is perhaps dehydrated. The worst factor you would do in accordance with Dena Rifkin MD, a employees nephrologist at UC San Diego Well being is analyzing your urine for dehydration. She explains that she would by no means suggest any of her sufferers to hydrate based mostly on urine shade. She provides that folks ought to drink for thirst as an alternative of ingesting to easily keep hydrated.

Purple: If the colour of your urine is pink, there could also be a have to be involved in accordance with UC San Diego Well being. Blood within the urine is named hematuria. In some circumstances, it may be benign, however in different circumstances, it may be an indication of an infection, kidney stones or perhaps a tumor within the urinary tract. It will possibly additionally sign that there could also be an issue with the prostate.

Blue: Sure drugs and meals dyes can produce blue urine, in addition to the uncommon metabolic dysfunction familial hypercalcemia (blue diaper syndrome). In keeping with UC San Diego Well being, blue diaper syndrome is when there’s an incomplete intestinal breakdown of tryptophan, which is a dietary nutrient. In case your urine turns into blue, seek the advice of a doctor.

Darkish Brown or Black: Causes that don’t require you to fret embody sure drugs, giant quantities of fava beans, rhubarb, and aloe. However the UC San Diego Well being explains that potential causes of darkish brown or black urine that ought to fear you might be copper or phenol poisoning or melanoma. The most effective factor to do is seek the advice of your physician if the colour of your urine is darkish brown or black.

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