The Broadway hit “Wicked” is OFFICIALLY going to be a movie!

Universal announced the big news yesterday (June 16) on Twitter that a film version of Wicked will be coming to movie theaters Dec. 20, 2019. Though that’s a really LONG ways away, it’s exciting to know that even more people will eventually get to enjoy the production that has wowed audiences over and over again.

The Hollywood Reporter reports some of the folks behind the OG theater production are set to be part of the film adaptation, including producer Marc Platt, writer Winnie Holzman, and composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz. Cabaret, which took that show, a great show, and made it into a film that could never have existed in the theater.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the Broadway hit is adapted for the big screen.oz-great-powerful-wicked-witch-mila-kunis

The musical phenomenon WICKED comes to the big screen.

In theaters 12.20.19.

Can not wait to see !!

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