The Miss Bum Bum competition is an annual beauty pageant in Brazil that aims to find the best bottom in the country. This year, 28-year-old Rosie Oliveira won the title of best bum. However, just because she’s got the best backside in the nation, doesn’t give anyone permission to grope it.

Immediately following her win, Oliveira was disrespected and assaulted by a drunken fan when he groped her bottom while she was attempting to give an interview. Oliveira turned away from the interviewer and slapped the drunk man across the face.

“This is exactly what I want to fight against,” she said. “Just because I’m Miss Bum Bum doesn’t mean they can disrespect me. I want to show women you can still have a big beautiful bottom and not be treated like an object.”

Contestants in the competition had made a statement earlier about being “treated as a piece of meat” when posting a photo of several participants wearing “meat-kinis” to the official Miss Bum Bum Instagram account.

In the photo, five women are posing wearing bikinis made from strips of beef. In the caption they explained that, “This is an answer to everyone who says we are just a piece of meat”.

Oliveira may not have planned on being groped, but she had previously planned on using her competition platform to speak out, in particular against her home country’s President, Michel Temer.

Upon winning the title of Miss Bum Bum 2017, she appeared on stage waving a Brazilian flag with the words “Get Temer Out” inscribed on it.

She also used her contestant webpage to promote her views on Brazil and the country’s politics.

“I want to live to see political reform. I have no children and the country we live in keeps me from that dream. I want to have children and for them to live in a better Brazil than we live in today,” she wrote.

Several other contestants shared Oliveira’s sentiments about their president by wearing t-shirts with the slogan #ForaTemer printed on them. The slogan in english means “out with Temer”. Currently, Brazil’s president is embroiled in a corruption scandal and the #ForaTemer hashtag has become popular as a result.

This event comes on the heels of the recent Miss Peru Pageant, where contestants there also used the competition to raise awareness of abuse toward women. Rather than recite their body measurements, which is apparently a custom in the Miss Peru pageant, contestants recited statistics about sexual assault and violence against women in Peru instead.

Activist groups applauded the beauty queens, saying that bringing awareness of violence toward women during pageants reaches an audience that may not typically be exposed to such statistics.

Could you imagine contestants at the Miss USA pageant campaigning against the American President, or perhaps more controversially making a stand by wearing “Dump Trump” t-shirts? It would be very unlikely considering Donald Trump used to own the Miss Universe Organization.

Whether or not a women is declared Miss Universe, Miss Peru, or Miss Bum Bum, it is never an excuse for sexual assault. Winning a competition to declare the best bottom in the nation may put one’s backside on display, but it is certainly not an invitation for unwanted touching.

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