Dermot O’Learhas let the cat out of the bag and has revealed when X Factor will be back on our TV screens. Talking on This Morning, Dermot O’Leary confirmed that the new series will start on 27 August. We are soo excited!

He also revealed that he didn’t watch the show last year and joked that he was grieving and couldn’t bring himself to watch it.

Giving us a glimpse in to the new series, Dermot said that it’ll have a more “back to basics” feel, with the reintroduction of the audition rooms.

He said: “I think the other thing this year is it’s really warm, it’s funny and it doesn’t feel cruel.”

What’s the vibe like with the judges right now? Dermot said: “The judges are getting on very well.

“Sharon being back adds a little bit of oomph to Louis and he stands up to Simon a little bit more and Nicole’s brilliant because she’s beautiful and intelligent and really funny.”

Cant wait to see the X Factor!

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