Zendaya’s parents, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu, are splitting up. After eight years of marriage, Zendaya’s mother has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

Stoermer is not looking for any spousal support. However, because Zendaya’s father is also the Disney Channel star’s manager, any money earned from their management deal could be considered community property. Given that Zendaya is 19, child support will most likely not be an issue for the former couple.

Stoermer and Ajamu, who are both teachers, got married in 2008 when Zendaya was 12.
Last year, the actress stuck up for her parents after an online troll called Stoermer and Ajamu “ugly” despite making “a gorgeous ass child.” Replying to the comment, Zendaya wrote, “While you’re so concerned about what my parents look like, please know that these are two of the most selfless people in the world.”

She continued, “They have chosen to spend their entire life, not worried about trivial things such as looks and insulting people’s parents on Twitter, but instead became educators who have dedicate their lives to teaching, cultivating and filling young shallow minds. Please, log out, go to school, hug a teacher and read a textbook…and while you’re at it, go look in the mirror and know that you too are beautiful, because such hateful things only.

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